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The Rosario Islands

Enjoy the Sun, the Air, and the Open Sea as you cruise to a most beautiful place. The Rosario's- lots of things to see, and do. Where romance and fun awaits.

A one hour boat ride through the Bay of Cartagena, will bring you to Paradise, as you glide through the clear turquoise waters and past golden beaches... It's spectacular!

The Rosario Islands Natural Park offers private facilities where all can enjoy the natural beauty and nature. We highly recommend at least one nights stay on the Islands. Day trips fun, but you will miss out on the sunsets, and the "big sky" nights with star filled skys that are special over the islands. You can select from some of the great islands hotels right here on this web site.

» Typical Food: Fresh fried Fish, Rice with Coconut, Salad, Patacones (Plantains).

What To Do in the islands: There is an impressive open water aquarium, where you'll enjoy a dolphin show, sharks, giant turtles, and all kinds of tropical reef fauna. The islands are coral formations which have grown in size over hundreds of years, so just about anywhere you will find good Snorkling and Scuba Diving. Also, the Rosario's still waters make it attractive for water skiing, canoing, swimming and wind surfing. Inquire at your hotel and they will provide you with the equipment, Guides or Certified Instructors needed for your water activities.